Women Philosophers and Scientists on Psychology, Mind, and Body Awareness
Zagreb and online, 19–20 June 2023

Summer School

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Long before the advent of psychology proper, psychologic issues were essential concerns of women philosophers. Beginning with authors of the 17th century, this summer school will retrace the development of ideas concerning mind, emotions, introspection, psychic causality, moral principles of psychology, identity, and the awareness and description of the body. Culminating in the early 20th century, we will address and discuss perspectives that preserve the philosophical heritage of psychology vis-à-vis the development of clinical psychology and physiology. Since Descartes, the importance of the continued effort to connect questions about body and mind remains as a central philosophical concern. We are inviting contributions dealing with women thinkers in the context of the history of psychology, psychological philosophy, theory of emotions and values, and ethical questions related to psychology ranging from 17th to early 20th century.

The Libori Summer School is co-organized by the Research Centre for Women in Philosophy at the Institute for Philosophy in Zagreb and the Center for the History of Women Philosophers and Scientists, Paderborn University.

Organizing Committee:
Dr. sc. Luka Boršić, Institute of Philosophy
Prof. dr. Ruth Hagenbruger, Paderborn University
Dr. Jil Muller, Paderborn University
Dr. sc. Ivana Skuhala Karasman, Institute of Philosophy

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