Collecting the Heritage: South-East European Women Philosophers
Institute of Philosophy in Zagreb and online on 2nd and 3rd December 2022

Collecting the Heritage


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The Research Centre for Women in Philosophy (CIŽUF – Centar za istraživanje žena u filozofiju) at the Institute of Philosophy in Zagreb is proud to invite you to the conference

Collecting the Heritage: South-East European Women Philosophers

which will take place in a hybrid mode at the Institute of Philosophy in Zagreb and online on 2nd and 3rd December 2022

The region of South-East Europe is problematic from many perspectives. It was the region in which the famous Theodosian border cut the oikoumene in two parts which resulted in two different historical and cultural developments: Western Europe and Eastern Europe. The region is marked by a variety of perspectives and historical tensions: the Christian Europe vs. the Ottoman Empire, the Catholic “West” vs. the Orthodox “East”, communism vs. transition to capitalism, the 19th-century desire to unite vs. the late 20th-century desire to split, life at the border vs. the magnetism of the centre, periphery of the cultural world vs. authentic and independent cultural identity, shame vs. pride. The list could go on.

Due to linguistic barriers, i.e. the Western lack of interest in getting acquainted with texts in “different” languages, works of many women philosophers of the region are still not known to the rest of the world. In order to change that, we encourage to contribute to the with some of the following topics:

  • More general overviews of women philosophers of the past in a particular SE European country.
  • Intellectual biography of a single SE European woman philosopher.
  • Women’s education and philosophy.
  • Women philosophers in context:
    • of religious and cultural diversity,
    • of specificity of communism,
    • of transitions.
  • Is there a common philosophical denominator of SE European women philosophers?
  • Are there specific feminist movements within single SE European countries?
  • SE European women philosophers and recent refugee crises.

This invitation is also a call for papers for a special issue that aims at collecting articles that will popularize women philosophers of South-East Europe. Selected texts will be published in the Journal of the History of Women Philosophers and Scientists (BRILL), Volume 2, Issue 1 (2023) with guest editors Luka Boršić and Ivana Skuhala Karasman.

Organizing Committee:

dr. sc. Ivana Suhala Karasman
dr. sc. Ana Maskalan
prof. dr. sc. Ankica Čakardić
dr. sc. Luka Boršić