I am Tatiana Levina, a philosopher of art and a historian of women philosophers from Moscow. My main research is related to the philosophical implication of the avant-garde. My recent articles are on Kazimir Malevich and the mysticism of Nothingness, Mikhail Larionov and Dionysius the Areopagite, and Fr. Pavel Florensky at VKhUTEMAS. I am currently preparing my book The Abstract Revolution: Platonism in the Age of the Avant-garde for publication, due out next year. I am also researching philosophy of the Soviet era as well as women philosophers of that time and writing a paper about Sofia Yanovskaya.

Students once asked me if there were women philosophers, since they were hardly ever mentioned in the university philosophy course. In one of her papers, Sally Haslanger (Professor of Massachusetts Institute of Technology) recalls, “In graduate school, a faculty member told me that he ‘never saw women on the list of top philosophers and never expected to see them because women are incapable of offering innovative ideas.’ As a result, after several years of reflection and awareness of my own stereotypes, in 2018 together with like-minded women colleagues I organized the seminar “Women in Philosophy,” which now takes place at the Anti-University: https://doxajournal.ru/antiuniversity

Seminar “Women in Philosophy” (in Russian) page on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/329981800797252