Hello, everyone! I am Matko Gjurašin. I received my MAs in philosophy and linguistics at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb. Since 2018. I work at the Institute of philosophy in Croatia as a research assistant on the scientific research project “Croatian Women Philosophers in the European Context” headed by dr. sc. Luka Boršić and funded by the Croatian Science Foundation, and I am a member of the Center for the Study of Women in Philosophy which is a scientific centre at the Institute and a part of the aforementioned research project.

On the project I am focused on researching the philosophical work of two Croatian women philosophers: Elly Ebenspanger (1904. – 1942.) and Marija Brida (1912. – 1993.). To be more specific, I am researching their work on free will. Of them two, Ebenspanger is especially important for Croatian philosophy. She wrote the first doctoral dissertation on the free will problem in the history of the University of Zagreb and possibly the first one in the history of Croatian philosophy. The final result of my scientific work on the project will be my doctoral dissertation, which is in its last stage, in which I develop and modernize Ebenspanger’s theory of a libertarian free will she has developed in her dissertation.

In my conference presentation, I will talk about Ebenspanger’s philosophizing about free will. I will present her theory of free will and the relevant intellectual context surrounding her work on the subject.