Katarina Lončarević is assistant professor at Faculty of Political Science (University of Belgrade). She received a MA degree at the Department of Philosophy (Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade), and then MA degree in Women’s and Gender Studies (Rutgers University, USA), MPhil degree in Gender and Politics (Faculty of Political Science, University of Belgrade), and PhD degree in Political Theory at the same university. Her research focus is on feminist philosophy, history of feminist philosophy, epistemology and feminist epistemologies. She is particularly dedicated to the research on history of feminist philosophers in Yugoslavia and Serbia.

She is the editor-in-chief of the journal Genero, the only scientific/academic journal dedicated to feminist theory in Serbia, and as an editor she also publishes articles in which she explores the editorial policies in academic journals, the status of feminist research in philosophical and other academic journals, and about the status of feminist research and feminist philosophy in academic publishing and specifically in scientific periodicals.

Currently she is working on the book on feminist epistemologies.